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Tanna - Adventures, a Travel Experience

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What is the difference between

Kastom children at one of the Kasom villages in Tanna Island

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A TRIP is a fully inclusive travel itinerary.

Our TRIPS are a fully inclusive travel package (excluding airfares) that caters for your time on Tanna Island. Included in the cost of your TRIP are your airport pickup/dropoff, accommodation, ALL MEALS (excluding alcohol), and stated TOURS and WALKS. TRIPS are available for overnight, and 2 night/3 day combinations.

A TOUR is a guided journey picked up & dropped off at your accommodation.

Our TOURS are singular guided journeys where you are picked up from your accommodation ( or start from our Tanna Adventures accommodation, if staying with us), and dropeed back at your accommodation afterwards.

A number of TOURS may be included in a TRIP, and common Tours are included in our Great Island Tours & Inspiring Walks webpage. We commonly provide personalized itineraries of Tours and Walks for Guests staying at Tanna Adventures, where our standrad TRIPS combinations are not suitable.

Tanna Island Stay & Do TRIPS

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Fully Inclusive Tanna Island TRIPS.

At Tanna Adventures, we pride ourselves on being able to provide "one off" personalized trips that cater for each individual or group who book with us. That includes the style of accommodation, the nature & theme of the Tours / Walks that each desires, and we specialize in giving detailed information by email during the booking process.

However, during our time catering for travellers to Tanna Island, a number of travel combinations have shown to be in demand with visitors. They are popular mainly due to limited time constraints or not knowing what to choose from our extensive list of Tours and Walks.

We have Packaged these Popular combinations into fully costed, fully inclusive TRIPS (excluding airfares), so that it is easier for you to make a travel booking if that TRIP suits your needs and timeframe.

Our TRIPS detailed here are but a very small selection of what we have to offer, and if they suit your needs, please click the button of the TRIP that suits your needs. If they are not, don't worry - just use our personalized booking service to book your accommodation, tours and walks.


Tanna Adventures - "Stay & Do" TRIPS.

A fanatastic photo of Mt Yasur Volcano from the Tanna Adventures property, early morning on a perfect day, showing the amazing smoke plume that helps make it so spectacular

What are Tanna Adventures Stay & Do TRIPS ?

We have packaged together a number of our extremely popular Tanna Island TRIPS to make it easier for travellers to book their time with us. These TRIPS are fully inclusive of pickup and dropoff at Tanna airport, accommodation, ALL MEALS (excluding alcohol), tours and walks for a minimum of two(2) Adults on a twin shared basis.

Available Tanna Adventures "Stay & Do" TRIPS.

•For Tanna Island Overnight TRIPS see our 1 Day /1 Night TRIPS.

Check out our - 1 Day / 1 Night TRIPS

Time limitations mean that Mt Yasur Volcano is the primary focus of the Tanna Island OverNight TRIPS . The "Mt Yasur OverNight" TRIP-1 does precisely that, while the "Yasur Big Day OverNight" TRIP-2 includes Port Resolution, Shark Bay, the Volcano Ash Plain along with an extended Mt Yasur experience - All within a tight time schedule.

• For Tanna Island Kastom TRIPS see our 2 Days /1 Night TRIPS.

Check out our - 2 Days / 1 Night TRIPS

More time allows the Tanna Island Kastom TRIPS to combine both Mt Yasur Volcano, plus a hands on 'kastom' walk through the Tanna landscape, culminating in the highly regarded 'Black Magic" performance. The "Mt Yasur Kastom" TRIP-3 still provides for a very tight time schedule, while the "Yasur Big Day Kastom" TRIP-4 maximizes the use of two full days.

• For Tanna Island BlueCave TRIPS see our 3 Days /2 Nights TRIPS.

Check out our - 3 Days / 2 Nights TRIPS

There are many personalized selections that can be made for your time on Tanna Island if you have a bit more time. The Tanna Island BlueCave TRIPS combine the unique experience of visiting "Mt Yasur Volcano" with the coastal experience of the "Blue Cave", while still having a focus on aspects of "Kastom". TRIP-5 and TRIP-6 provide different experience highlights.

Booking one of our "Stay & Do" TRIPS.

To book one of our "Stay & Do" TRIPS all you need to do is click on the red buttom associated with that particular TRIP and fill out the information that the resulting email requests. We will respond within 24 Hours (but usually sooner).

Our fully inclusive "Stay & Do" TRIPS are Limited.

Our "Stay & Do" TRIPS are not to be taken as fully representative of an itinerary that we can provide for you during your time on Tanna Island. They are a small selection of Limited (set time and set format) TRIPS which you may or may not find suitable. Limitations include :

If you fall outside of any of these ..... Please use our Personalized Booking Service, which is more suitable for your needs.

Less Limitations & More Options ? - Personalized Bookings

Our personalised booking service gives you a greater flexibility of accommodation, TOURS and Walks, and makes you time on Tanna Island a truly individual experience. There are so many aspects you are able to look at :

Standing on the rim of Mt Yasur Volcano on Tanna island is an experience that you will not ever forget