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Walk 5 - Central Highlands River Pools & Cascades.


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Inspiring Walk 5 - Central Highlands Cascades.

[Updated May 2019]

Take a special kastom walk to Essos Place with Tanna adventures

An encounter with unspoilt jungle pools and cascades, located deep in the highlands of Tanna Island.

The Central Highlands Cascades is a series of Pools and Cascades located in the Central highlands amongst dense tropical rainforest. The Local village has developed some clearance and pathways to allow travellers to walk around and through the bush to view, enjoy and swim in the pools.

The reality is that just getting there is half the fun and experience. While there is a semi-cleared pathway leading into the cascades, for vehicles to pass along, this is covered in long grass and the track actually weaves and winds around trees and large clumps. If you are in the tray of the 4WD, its a great way to see dense tropical bush.

As an alternative, you are able to be dropped off with a guide at the main road near a walking track which takes you down a different way to the cascades - no more than an hour (picked up afterwards at the cascades).

Inspiring Walk Overview from Esso's Nima:

• The total time is about 2-3 hours depending on how you do it and what you do while you are there. As it is quite close to Rachel and Esso's it takes about half an hour by vehicle to get there (and the same back obviously).

• There is the possibility of having a lunch of river prawns at the cascades, but this would need to be arranged beforehand.

Added Overview Travelling from the Whitegrass Coast :

• If the tour is taken from any of the accommodation along the whitegrass coast, then approximately 1 hour can be added to the tour time (half an hour each way), for transport to the location and back to you accommodation on the whitegrass coast.

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